I offer personal growth and well as professional training classes.  The continuing education classes for therapists, social workers, psychiatrists, teachers, and others who want to continue learning.  One day experiences, retreats, and time limited classes are for anyone who wants to have time for self reflection, self care, and growth. Contact me if you are interested in knowing about one of these classes.

The following are classes/retreats/services I offer:

Using Art in Your Profession

Individual as well as group consultation for Using Art in your profession. 

Using Art in Therapy

 A 12 hour  continuing ed class for those in helping professions.  Usually offered twice a year. 


Learning the Enneagram through Live Panels--This is a personal as well as professional development class offered approximately once a year.  It’s a one evening and one full day class. 

Enneagram and Relationship

The Enneagram and Relationship--A personal as well as professional development class.  Offered approximately once a year.  This is a one day class. 

Artist’s Way

This is a 12 week personal development class. 

One day art therapy intensives

These are focused on various topics--These are personal development and self care experiences.