Group Art Therapy

Art therapy is based on the theory that images and image making use a different part of the brain than verbal communication and that they help people access difficult feelings and memories that they may not be able to access with words alone.  While artmaking and images can help open people to feelings and memories, they can also be used to help people contain/hold overwhelming memories and feelings. How the art is used is dependent on the needs of the client.  In art therapy, the process (how something is made) is just as important if not more important that the product that is made.  Though some images created in art therapy are beautiful,  many are not.  Life is not always pretty!  Both the process as well as the image produced are resources for the therapy.  

Group art therapy is for those who want and or need the support of other individuals as they continue therapy work and as they continue a commitment to having a regular time to ‘check in’ with themselves.  Issues addressed in the group are determined by those in the group.  Group time includes (gently guided) artmaking time in silence and group reflection time (NO ART EXPERIENCE NEEDED).


A no cost inquiring session required to match individuals with the best group for them.  Previous individual work in therapy either with Virginia DuPre or with another therapist is required before joining. 

Contact Virginia for a no cost inquiring session: