Individual Therapy with Virginia DuPre

My work with individuals ranges from brief solution/issue focused therapy to longer term psychodynamic therapy which focuses on how old experiences and patterns impact current life.  Warmth balanced with directness is a good description of the energy I bring to my work.  Resources for my work include psychodynamic work, Enneagram work, and using images and image making. Which resources are used is based on the needs of the client. 

Specialties include helping people:


  • move forward with making a desired change in their life at work and home
  • address relationship issues
  • navigate life changing experiences such as changes related to aging, illness, the death of a loved one, changes within the family
  • manage chronic mental health issues such as chronic depression and anxiety
  • work with issues related to the glbtq community
  • heal from childhood as well as adult trauma including sexual abuse
  • work with issues related to having a  loved one suffering with addiction
  • access their creative side to benefit both their work and personal lives