Enneagram in Atanta Ga

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system.  It helps people identify their habits of attention and the behavior that results from the way we focus our attention.  

From this awareness, the enneagram system helps people:

  • recognize the gifts their personality gives them
  • have a structure for working with the ways their habit of attention causes them problems in relationship both at work as well as in their personal life
  • learn to manage their habit of attention  
  • learn to change behaviors and energy that does not serve them individually or in relationship.

Enneagram Typing Sessions

Enneagram typing sessions last about 1 hour.  I will ask many type related questions that will help us narrow down your type.  We will be able to narrow your type to at least 2-3 types.  I will teach a bit about the system and give you some reading to do for  further discernment.  Some people just want one typing session.  Some return for a second or third for further learning of the system and further discernment of type.  While therapeutic, typing sessions are not therapy.  

My training in the Enneagram

Give customers a reason to do business with you. 

I have been a student of the Enneagram for 20 years.  I completed two week long training intensives with Helen Palmer, David Daniels, and Terri Saracino through the EANT.    I taught classes on the Enneagram for 8 years and use it as a resource in individual, couples, and group work.